My Style

I want to tell your story, not influence it, so I won't interrupt your guests to stage fake scenes or whisk you away for hours of cheesy posing. After all, you're there to spend time with your loved ones... not me! Ever the wallflower, I am constantly on the move during a wedding, chasing light and laughter. You won't notice my camera most of the time so your photos will be full of natural emotions and candid moments.

In an effort to improve the eco-friendliness of my business, you can read my Sustainability Statement here.

These are breathtaking. We’ve spent the evening emotionally pouring over them as we get overexcited messages from friends and family proclaiming their favourites.

S & J

Oh my God Charlotte they are stunning! We had such a special day and you were totally amazing only adding to that totally unique experience of a wedding day.

J & J

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