While the Beast from the East was creeping across Europe, we narrowly managed to squeeze in a break to Bordeaux before all hell (in the Brits-can’t-handle-2-inches-of-snow sense) broke loose. It was my first trip to this city, and boy did I fall hard for its charm. The folk are friendly and patient, even when faced with my pathetic French vocabulary. Bordeaux eateries serve unbelievably delicious food in humble and unpretentious settings: I definitely recommend Le Chien de PavlovLa Tupina and (of course) all of the canelés. We also stumbled upon Hangar Darwin, a former military barracks turned into an ecological collective that is home to over 130 organisations, united in their common goal of reducing their carbon footprint.

#ad: Airbnb covered my expenses on this trip.

There were a number of stunning Airbnb listings around the city but, as soon as I laid eyes on this one, that was that. Located in the historic centre, it was the perfect base as most spots I wanted to visit were within walking distance.