I have always been a city girl at heart but, once in a while, my body just screams for a little nature time. Unexpectedly a window of a week opened smack bang in the middle of wedding season, so I grabbed the opportunity and hopped on a plane to Slovenia. My friends and I rented a cottage near Lake Bled for 4 nights, then an apartment in Ljubljana for the weekend. I made a video to try and convey the peace and beauty this country has to offer.

We swam in both Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj, and also took a drive through Triglav National Park. It struck me how much Slovenians loved and respected their land, and how quietly proud they were to share it with visitors. Food-wise… expect a lot of processed pork! Slovenian cuisine is heavily influenced by its neighbours – Italy, Austria, Hungary, etc. We sampled traditional dishes like cheese dumplings, beef broth, an array of pork sausages and hams, as well as impressive seafood.

I’ve returned to my regular life feeling re-energised with a clear head (and lungs). Would definitely recommend this country if you’re looking for some quality relaxation amidst fairytale-esque lakes and mountains. Hvala, Slovenija!