Wedding at Caswell House, Oxfordshire

Time to share one absolute beauty of a wedding, full of personality and heartfelt moments. The bride made so many of the details herself - the Up themed postbox, her metallic brooch bouquet, the Chinese wedding dolls, personalised ring cushion... the list goes on! Also look out for a strong contender for coolest table seating plan ever created.

Wedding 015.jpg
Wedding 004.jpg

Sarah's gorgeous brooch bouquet - I was so impressed!

I have so much love for the bride's pink brogues.

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Wedding 097.jpg

I love Caswell House, one of the most charming wedding venues I've had the pleasure of shooting at. Hopefully I'll be back again!

Matt and Sarah told their guests to wear crazy footwear. They did not disappoint.

Wedding 154.jpg
Wedding 195.jpg

Sarah made this jaw-dropping table plan. Every guest is represented as their own fictional character in cat form! How many can you identify?

Meanwhile in the converted barn...

I do enjoy a good bouquet toss when everyone puts in a real effort!

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Wedding 450.jpg

As the sun set, it was time for the Chinese part of the wedding celebrations. The groom and his buddies traditionally have to prove their worth to the bridesmaids - via a series of hilarious games - before he is allowed to fetch his lovely bride.

When Matt eventually proved himself worthy, the tea ceremony begun. This was a chance for relatives to pass on red packets, wedding gifts and words of advice for their marriage.

Dancefloor o' clock!

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