Full Day Wedding

From 'getting ready' to 'let's dance'. You'll receive a minimum of 500 individually-retouched photos in a private gallery.


Half Day Wedding

Up to 6 hours of coverage. You'll receive at least 350 individually-retouched photos in a private gallery.


Engagement Shoot

No pressure or cheesy poses. We'll go for a wander in London – a local park, favourite cafe or even in your home. You'll get roughly 40 photos.

£300 (*or £100 with wedding)


Second Photographer • £400 • I recommend a second photographer if you have more than 150 guests. Together we will be able to capture more moments throughout the day. For example: some churches have rules restricting my movement during the ceremony, so two photographers will be able to cover more angles.

USB Stick £20 • In an effort to be more eco-friendly, your wedding photographs will be delivered digitally. This does not compromise on the quality or size of the photos at all, but eliminates the carbon footprint needed for a physical delivery. If you still prefer to receive a wooden USB stick, this can be arranged for a small fee.

Luxury Photo Album £450 • A 10 x 10 inch fine art album, featuring 60-80 of your favourite photos, bound with a cotton cover and printed on 200gsm paper with Folio. The company crafts albums in Yorkshire, and subscribes to sustainable and eco-friendly techniques. Prices for other sizes and aesthetic options available on request.

High Quality Prints • You and your loved ones will be able to order prints directly from your private gallery, available from 6 weeks after the wedding. Alternatively, you can choose your own printing service using the photos you'll receive on your USB stick.


I'm really awkward in front of the camera. Help!

Ironically, so am I. Don’t worry – the best shots happen when you don’t notice I'm there. I’ll give a little bit of relaxed direction during the couple shots and family shots, but most of the time I’ll stay discreetly out of the way of you and your guests.

How much Photoshopping do you do?

I use Photoshop to enhance light levels, correct colours and – if necessary – remove distracting objects. But my goal is to keep it natural. You'll end up with photos much like the ones you see on this website.

How many photographers will there be?

I work alone at most weddings to remain as unobtrusive as possible, but I can certainly bring another photographer. You would benefit from extra coverage, e.g. we could cover both of you getting ready in separate locations. I recommend this if you have 150+ guests.

Can you shoot my wedding video?

No, but I can recommend some great videographers who I've worked with in the past. Let me know in advance if you are booking a videographer, as this will affect the way I work on the day so I can plan accordingly.

What's the deal with group shots?

As invisible as I'd like to be, the only time I'll direct your guests is for 10 minutes for the family and group shots. In my experience, this goes far more smoothly if you nominate a helper – like a sibling or usher with a good pair of lungs – to gather people. Try to limit the combinations to 10 groups, as you're there to spend time with your loved ones, not pose for ages! It's wise to have an indoor/covered location in mind in case of rain.

How many hours will you stay?

If you book me for a full day, I don't cap the number of hours. My goal is to tell the story of your wedding. This is realistically from 90 mins before the dress goes on until 15-30 mins after the first dance. From experience, turning up at the crack of dawn to bleary-eyed faces before breakfast doesn't yield many great photos; and neither does staying past a certain point in the evening after your guests are several drinks in!

How many photos should I expect?

This varies depending on how long the wedding is, number of guests, etc. I usually deliver between 450 and 600 retouched photos for a full day wedding... though I'll never cap the maximum number. You’ll receive your gallery within 6 weeks after the wedding.

Can I have the unedited photos?

Short answer: no. During a wedding, I take 2000+ photos but many of these will be near-duplicates (sometimes capturing 6 frames per second). Some will be lighting tests as I adjust camera settings for each new perspective; others are rejected for things like blinking. I shoot in RAW mode and each file is 30MB so the transfer alone would be a nightmare! If you like my style, please trust my process.

What about copyrights?

I keep the commercial copyrights, but you’ll receive unlimited rights to share and print. This basically means you can do anything you like with them, as long as it’s not for profit. I will deliver your photos to you before using them on my blog, and will always obtain your permission before submitting them to any external website or publication.

Should I feed you on the day?

Yes please! I'm on my feet and alert all day, and likely won't have eaten anything since early morning, so will be starving by the time you sit down to eat. A cheaper supplier meal is fine, if your caterer offers them.

What if something goes wrong?

I have public liability insurance (some venues may ask for proof of this).Wild dogs and hurricanes couldn't keep me from your wedding but, if I can’t make it for any catastrophic reason, I am part of a great community of professional photographers who call on each other in times of emergency. Contingency plans are always in place!

Will our wedding be featured in a magazine or blog?

You may have used such resources for your own inspiration. I get a lot of bookings from couples who've seen my photos on wedding blogs so, with your permission, I'd absolutely love to submit your photos for features. It really helps out my business. But of course I'd never do this without your explicit consent.

How do I book you?

Once I receive a signed digital contract and a deposit of 40% then I am yours. I ask for the balance at least 4 weeks before your wedding day.