I encourage clients to choose a digital-only delivery of your photos via a private gallery to minimise the carbon footprint needed for physical deliveries. This doesn't impact on the size or quality of your photos in any way.

If you order a luxury wedding album, I exclusively design and print with a responsible company that shares a similar ethos: you can read Folio's approach to sustainability here.

I only use high quality rechargeable batteries to power my photography equipment. My home office is fitted with energy-efficient light bulbs; and I use eco-friendly cleaning products including Smol, Koh and BECO.

I trade-in or donate all my old/unused equipment and gear, to minimise the electronic parts that end up in landfill. For infrequently-used gear, I use and highly recommend finding local lenders on Fat Llama.

Wherever possible, I travel to weddings, shoots and client meetings via public transport. I do not own a car.

I will do my best to support other like-minded suppliers in the industry. Directories like Green Union and Natural Wedding Co are good places to start if you're planning an eco-friendly wedding in the UK.